​​​​​​​At Mukkz Photography, we understand the power of a single photograph to encapsulate emotions, freeze cherished memories, and narrate captivating stories. With our unwavering passion for the art of photography, we strive to deliver exceptional services that go beyond expectations. 
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Vidai - Moment between father and daughter
Vidai - Moment between father and daughter
Mother's special moment
Mother's special moment

Behind The Scenes of Couple Shoot and final results

Wedding couples arrange an indescribable amount of details for the big day to be a dream celebration and to make it memorable forever, you hire the best.
We have a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who excels in their art, We offer stellar photography services that are not only state of the art but efficient, high quality and upto the latest trends in cinema. Apart from commercial photography We deal in both pre and wedding photograph services as well. 
We are specialists in candid photography and all our photographs have that genuine quality craved by modern brides / couples. Our leadership have a collective experience of more than 55+ years. You will enjoy and appreciate their unobtrusive working style through the celebrations.

Mukkz Photography | Wedding Ad Film | 30 seconds

Lifestyle Photography
Ideas focus on portraying a "slice of life", with the session revolving around special moments in the family such as:

- Maternity Photography
- Newborn Photograph
- Kids / baby Photography
- Special Anniversary Shoot

A brief about Mukul Saraogi | How it Began.
I've loved taking pictures since childhood as my father use to click us 'brothers'. I took my first set of photographs in Primary school and since then I got hooked and passionate about clicking and what is better than making your passion your profession.
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Mukul Saraogi Photographer & Founder     Commercial Photographer since 2010 with over 500+ shoots in Fashion Advertising, bollywood with experience in 3D and Painting.  He love kids, which is the reason for him stepping into baby photography and starting of G&G Photography   Anushree Painully Art & Creative Advisor       She is a NIFT alumna with many many years of experience in acting and print modelling with great eye for art and aesthetics, She is in charge of GnG with creation of Unique Themes and creative concepts for commercial and advertising shoots    Anushree is also a celebrated author.   Close the deal Sr. Photographer        A vivid personality with eye for perfection, He delivers the best frames a client can ask for, for past 18+ years he always kept toe to toe with adaption of technologies and latest trends.   Vishal Mandal Lead Cinematographer    With over 12+ years of experience shooting Music Videos to Interiors to Lifestyle to Weddings, Vishal has vast knowledge and a passion to create stunning visuals every time he picks the lens.
Photography as Communication 
We are surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people. I use the lenses to freeze the world and store them on the prints with a focus on the magic I find in daily life. 
Pictures to do tell stories. 
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Modeling Portfolio - Behind The Scenes

Music Videos - Singer Devika Arora
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